information architecture / ux design / frontend


Biologica as a health care startup was in a need of exceptional user experience for their platform that would connect doctors, patients, med laboratoried and medicine resellers in one place.


After in-depth briefing and extensive research I came out with use-case scenarios for each actor on the platform (including med stuff and lab workers), as well as information architecture model that makes it easier to achieve actors' goals.

As a part of international team I delivered solid user interface solutions for all tools and modules on the platform, and participated in all the design decisions throughout the entire development phase in order to provide excellent user experience.


Biologica supports communication between doctors and labs in order to speed up test processing. Once patient's samples are examined, the results get imported to Biologica and are avaliable for all the interesing parties immidiately.


Each test comes along with a health report and therapy suggestions provided by the best health experts. Reports delivered by a lab can be viewed in digital version or printed if relevant.


Doctors can easily manage their patients in Biologica and monitor their health. User is notified each time a new report is delivered, so that they can set an appoitment and decide on further treatment.


Document creator is an advanced tool that helps doctors to create and edit any sort of document needed for a patient. Wide variety of widgets make it simple to build a custom report or prescribe a drug.


Therapy planner allows users to combine medicines and important parts of a patient's health report as well as comments and recommendations into a single document that can be handed out to a patient. A doctor is enabled to create advanced therapy plan that guides a patient through the entire treatment process.

Biologica provides a whole bunch of best practicies and drug suggestions with a broad explanation and dosage examples. Advanced product browser allows user to find a best match for a patient's problem from hundreds of drugs.


Instead of creating a new therapy plan from scratch, a doctor can take adventage of already exisiting templates relevant for a particular therapy. Also a doctor is enabled to save their documents as templates in order to re-use them in the future.

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