frontend / design / game icons


Gportal team approached me with a need of a solid front-end development for their fresh release. After a while it turned out that we have a common ground for even closer co-operation, including UI design for new modules and additional graphic assets, eg. custom game icons.


Initial phase started with HTML/CSS/JS prototype development on the basis of already existing layouts. The next step included parallel works on UI design and front-end development for the new modules, like Achievements, Server Management or Community channels. Once completed, all the views were integrated with a PHP- and Angular.js-based platform.


Platform interface design and development, including integration with the live system and assistance after the launch.



Dashboard enables users to control their account, gameservers, purchases, assign slots to the favourite games, select modes, maps, etc. Anytime they can reset or reinstall a server as well as rent additional slots.


Gamification-driven module that enables players to complete several targets while playing their favourite games online. Once a target is completed, players earn virtual money that could be spend eg. on new slots.


Gporal is a place for players, influencers and followers. With a help of several tools, like channels, achievements, comments or chat system they commit to a never sleeping community of game-geeks.


Gportal is not just another gaming platform. It was designed and built with a user-centered approach, in order to enrich players experience by numerous of solutions that respond perfectly to the needs of demanding gamers community.

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