design / frontend / cms


Customer approached me with need of website re-design. Wide variety of products and detailed technical information were supposed to be combined with modern marketing communication targeting people over 40, mostly women.

It was necessary to build a platrofm that would impress readers and work well across multiple devices, including HD-screens, laptops, tablets and smartphones.


The project started with quantitative and qualitative data analysis. Once the major pitfalls of the old website were spotted, a new, simplified information architecture was designed.

Wireframes and use-case scenarios were followed by interface design that reflects brand's values: home, family and warmth.


Website was build as a responsive WordPress-based platform, that includes custom back-end and front-end solutions, ie.:

  • Responsive layout, including HD, SD, tablets and smarthones
  • Custom WordPress template & CMS
  • Full-screen imagery
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Video playlist on selected pages
  • Detailed product presentation
  • full HD
  • standard
  • tablet
  • phone


While designing digital products and services we always reffer to certain values represented by a brand. It is rare though, that a product reffers to intimate values like home, family and warmth as much as fireplace. It makes the design process exciting and even more difficult at the same time.

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