PanTum Detect® Customer Portal for Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test

Case Study


01 Challenge

PanTum Detect® is a screening test, designed to identify tumor-independent, cancerous immunological processes, invented and developed by Zyagnum AG, a biotechnology firm headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany.

Our primary mission encompassed the design and development of a Customer Portal that would serve as the linchpin of the PanTum Detect® ecosystem, seamlessly unifying an array of customer-centric services. Its core functions include facilitating the scheduling of blood draw appointments at numerous locations throughout Germany, delivering prompt test results, and enabling the initiation of telemedicine consultations and supplementary screenings (such as PSA tests, MRI/PET-CT scans) when deemed necessary.

Moreover, a suite of custom tools and software solutions was indispensable for streamlining daily back-office operations. These encompassed vital tasks like location and availability management, customer support, and accounting.

To ensure a seamless user experience, it was essential to integrate a wide range of services, including the insurance provider, laboratories, and telemedicine solutions.


Product design / UX & UI / Process modeling / System Architecture / Frontend / Backend / APIs / Cloud Architecture / Team & Project Management


2020 - 2023

Client & location

Zyagnum AG / Darmstadt, Germany

02 Steering the Project

My involvement in this project began at its inception, where I assumed a pivotal role in shaping the creation of a product. As a proxy Product Owner and Technical Lead, I led the charge in all critical aspects of development, which included business process mapping, user journeys, product design, a comprehensive roadmap, and the software architecture.

I assembled and led a dedicated team comprising software developers, DevOps engineers and QA testers, ensuring the delivery of exceptional software solutions.

Our journey through the product's development was anchored in the principles of Scrum methodology. We commenced with prototyping, navigated through a beta-phase, and welcomed our first users in 2021. By the close of 2022, we successfully launched a fully realized product. Throughout this voyage, we meticulously incorporated user feedback to refine and enhance key processes. Today, the Customer Portal stands as a robust platform that serves numerous locations throughout Germany, assisting hundreds of customers daily.


03 Solutions

Customer Portal has been designed as a one-stop platform for an array of essential services


Customers can select a nearby medical center and effortlessly schedule their blood draw appointment

Test Status and Findings

System makes sure that customers stay informed as their blood sample undergoes analysis, and receive report promptly upon completion


User may effortlessly schedule a consultation with a doctor to discuss findings and explore potential courses of action


System supports in-depth diagnostics with imaging scans and keeps customers informed with regular status updates

Track of Records

Comprehensive history of appointments, tests, and orders, enabling customers to stay informed about their healthcare journey

Diagnostic Process

Seamless guidance through every facet of the diagnostic process, providing timely notifications regarding critical arrangements

Appointment Scheduling


04 Processes Covered

The Customer Portal comes equipped with a suite of solutions and tools to streamline daily operations


Scheduling Management

Dedicated platform to manage availability of numerous locations dispersed throughout Germany

Backoffice Tools

Designed to empower admins, enabling streamlined daily tasks encompassing platform management

Medical Staff Dashboard

Facilitating seamless management of blood draw processes, enhancing efficiency

Customer Service Tools

Set of tools empowering the Customer Service Team to manage customers, orders and appointments

Billing System

Helping accountants with key operations, including orders and invoice management

External Vendors

Integration with external solutions essential to the Customer Portal daily operations

Check-in Process


Check-in Overview



Team Members

2.5 yrs


Sep. '22

Launch Date

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